Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Quinoa Wrap... The Obligatory Diet Post/ Trader Joe's post #3

Ok I lied last week. I'm going to post this one healthy diet recipe. 2 reasons #1- I haven't done a Trader Joe's post in awhile and this features some great TJ's products that I need you to get obsessed with #2 it's actually really delicious, well balanced, easy, & fast to make when you just need a grab and go dinner. Aaaaaaaand only about 300 calories. So, cool here we go!

Along with a lot of things I was a late adopter to the quinoa (pronounced Keen- wah) obsession. My first couple times tasting it I just couldn't get down with the texture. I feel like maybe it was a little too sprouted or something? Additionally I just really didn't care about the health benefits at the time. But one day a couple months ago I was strolling around my local TJ's checking out the frozen veggie section for some inspiration and saw the Quinoa Duo with Vegetable melange and thought- alright it's time let's try this again.
I took it home followed the directions to heat it up in the microwave (microwave safe bowl cover with plastic wrap, wave on high for a minute, fluff with a fork, wave another 1-2 minutes, done!) and the first thing to hit me was the spicy savory aroma. Reminiscent of some Indian curries but not as overwhelming it was flavor packed. The little quinoa grains were much closer to the texture of couscous than sprouts (winning) and the veggies were tender and plentiful. I'm lovin' it. I had recently been having an after work snack of a tortilla with hummus and spinach and inspirations struck, if I added a half cup of this quinoa mix I could make that into a pretty delicious and way healthy "burrito". At first I was adding strips of grilled or poached chicken breast but after a couple times decided it didn't really need it. Quinoa is actually what is considered a "complete protein" which means that it has correct amounts of all 9 amino acids to sustain human functions. So for my vegan vegetarian buddies out there if you haven't gotten on board yet do it!

So now for the " Recipe"

  • Start by nuking your 1/2 cup of quinoa, during the first minute...
  • Take 1 flour Tortilla and Spread down the center with 2-3 Tablespoons of Roasted Garlic Hummus (TJ's Brand is delish) I leave about an inch at the bottom to fold
  • Next add your 1/2 cup of Quinoa (the Hummus helps it stick)

  •  Lastly pile on as much fresh spinach as you possibly can, fold up the bottom fold in the two sides as tightly as possible and there you go! A happy healthy dinner in 5 minutes!

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