Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vegas Uncork'd #1: The Grand Tasting

Viva Las Vegas! I have been waiting a year for this event and finally the day arrived! Bon Appetit magazine's 6th Annual Vegas Uncork'd Food & Wine Festival. Comprised of over 20 special events over 4 days ranging from Chef led wine paired dinners to a rally of food trucks to a Grand Tasting of the top Las Vegas Restaurants this was an event not to be missed by any avid foodie. My birthday present this year from my parents was my ticket to Friday night's Grand Tasting at Caesar's Palace Garden of the God's pools. 77 booths featuring the best Culinary talent represented in Vegas and known throughout the world. We arrived at Caesar's 30 minutes early to find a place in the LONG line that had formed. The event had sold out and we were eager to get in the door!

Each guest was given a glass and plate with a hook to hold it as they walked in the door. I love these things for tasting events. There is nothing harder than juggling glass and plate. The ability to hold them in one hand is the best.
The booths surrounding the first pool were hectic with excitement. Each way you glanced Chef's were hob nobbing with guests and pal-ing around with each other. With so much to take in I'm going to let my pictures do much of the talking for me.

Salt Crusted Fish

Oh Hey Ryan from Season 4 of Top Chef! Such a cute SF guy...I accidentally flung sour cream on his hand, we had a moment :)

That's the top of Gordon Ramsey's head

There were no fewer than 7 places serving ceviche and about as many who went with various sliders... I can just only eat so much ceviche

My first time trying anything with Foie Gras! This was a mousse

Amazing Pasta from Spago!

The beaker looking things are Captain Crunch Milk Shakes, Phenomenal! Also ....sliders

Wearing high heels- WORST CHOICE EVER thank god for the shallow pool!
Things I wish I had taken a picture of? Todd English's staff  throwing potato chips at Charlie Palmer & Michael Mina. A chip hit me on the head, no joke. It was obnoxious and very very surreal. Over all it was a fascinating night. The drinks were a little more difficult to get to than I would have liked and had we realized how much more there was beyond the crowded first circle we would have made a bee-line. But on the grand scheme it was an amazing night to be a part of! Little did we know what was to come on Saturday! Stay Tuned for part 2

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