Friday, October 7, 2011

AT&T Ball Park Series Finale

Alas the season has come to an end. For us Giants fans anyways. October plays on and it already seems inevitable that this will be another year of the underdog upset, but not for San Francisco. We'll take our broken and patched together team back to Arizona and start the rebuild. It was a rough year with just glimpses of the glory we saw in 2010. Humbled we fight on to be 100% for 2012.
I wanted to finish this series as I do most games with something sweet. Today's review features two of the most popular dessert items at the park: The Ghiradelli Sunday and Stormin' Norman's Fry Breads. I had intended to do the Emerald Cinnamon Roasted nuts as well but they were closed during the last game of the season so I'll have to save them for next year.

Ghiradelli Hot Fudge Sunday
Last season my dad got me hooked on these Sunday's and I can't seem to quit. The way the Ghiradelli chocolate hot fudge thickens against the cold vanilla ice cream and some how manages to make it all the way to the bottom it's worth the wait every time!
Locations: Club Level, View Level Section 318, Promenade level Sec 200 (out in the corner near the splash entrance)
Average Wait: 10 - 15 minutes. The lines at any location get long and be aware there is generally one line to the left to pay and a second line to the right for pick up. The staff at any location is not known for their sense of urgency so time your visit well for the wait
Price: $9 (the View Level is just a cart that takes cash only, downstairs it is a huge fixture that takes credit - line is usually longer however)
Value: This is absolutely one of the best sweet treats at the park and it is not small so I would say it is worth it. share with a friend and you won't feel as bad about the money or the calories!
Overall Satisfaction: I would say 9 times out of 10 this really hits the spot. You get the occasional one where the ice cream is too soft or they are stingy with the hot fudge but even in those instances it's still good!

Stormin' Norman's Fry Breads
This one was a pick by mom a few seasons back. She has always been a fan of the funnel cake and while this is not the same it would fall in a similar genre. The breads are for the most part pre made and then heated to order there are tons of different dessert appropriate toppings (strawberries, bananas, nutella, whipped cream, cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, etc). We went with a combo (because we couldn't make up our minds) cinnamon sugar base with strawberries and whipped cream. The bread is soft inside with a chewy exterior, I found with the strawberries it was easiest to eat it in most part with a  fork and knife picking up some of the edge pieces. This is another great dessert to share!
Locations: Just one on the lower promenade level behind the bleachers
Average Wait: Since this is a low traffic area of the park the wait wasn't bad, not sure if there are prime times to go or not go to wait less. However they do often sell out before the late innings o don't wait too far into the game.
Price: $6 - $10 depending on the toppings you choose
Value: For over all size I think this is a great value. Considering the $9 + price points of most items in the park anything under seems great!
Overall Satisfaction: This is just an occasional buy for me. I like it OK I enjoy all the topping, I think the fresher the bread the better, I was a little disappointed that ours was "fried" to order but just reheated as this contributes to the more chewy texture. But over all it is an enjoyable and unique dish.

Over all this was a great adventure around the culinary aspects of the park. I would have to say the Pulled Pork sandwich at the Carvery was the big winner for me very closely followed by the Crazy Crab Sandwich (location and price are what gave the pulled pork the boost). I love how many options we have at our park and I think it is truely indictive of the San Francisco culture which is a testament to how much this team is intigrated into the city. Even though the season is over I am already looking forward to next season and some new Ball Park food adventures! The Sushi on club level and BBQ on the lower promenade still need to be devoured! Maybe even something exciting at spring training in March perhaps??

See you all at the park!

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