Sunday, September 4, 2011

AT&T Ball Park Series #4: Edsel Ford Fong Asain Cuisine

Edsel Ford Fong Stand
Only in San Francisco!!! As I continue my adventure around the ball park my next stop was what I consider probably the most unique out of all the offerings. How many ball parks can you get an array of Asian cuisines at ?! From sushi to orange chicken, edamame and potstickers, Thai curry and Chicken Satay the Edsel Ford Fong Stand has something for everyone! I wanted to be able to try a few things so I was excited to see that they had a "Combo Plate" option with fried rice, orange chicken and a egg roll. One of the first things that struck me when I got my food was how HUGE the serving was! The plate is served in a plastic togo box that
 seals which is great to keep the food nice and warm as you carry it to your seat. Once we got settled I went for the egg roll first. (Note: if you like a dipping sauce for your egg rolls make sure before you leave the stand you get a little to go container from the left side they have a broad selection available so you can prepare it how you like!) I was very impressed first with the size of the egg roll then with the nice thick crispy wrapping. I find so frequently that egg rolls that are done in quick service places can sometimes sit too long and become soggy but they must prepare these to order or on a very regular basis because they were great and crisp. The
filling was very simple but still tasty. The fried rice was a basic version of the classic- fried egg, peas and carrots. It was lacking some flavor but the texture of rice was good and it was definitely filling! The Orange Chicken was the biggest surprise. Since my time in High School working at an amazing family run Thai restaurant I have had a very high standards for most Asian food. They had some of the best Orange Chicken I have ever had it was nice and crisp with a great slightly spicy sauce. While I'm not sure any other Orange Chicken could ever compare this stuff was not bad at all! The pieces were nice and crisp outside good white meat chicken inside and the sauce was really yummy. While it has been years since I've had Panda Express Orange Chicken I felt like style wise that is the closest comparison, maybe even better. Overall I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience and I look forward to hopefully trying more of what they have to offer.

Locations: Promenade Level Section 118, Lexus Clubhouse (extended menu)
Average Wait: Since this is a far from average Ball Park menu it may not look as popular, there is rarely a wait- Lucky you!
Price: $10 for the combo plate- See menu picture for additional prices
Value: The size and quality of this plate make it a great value, I suggest splitting it with a friend and buying an extra egg roll so you each have your own, I promise you will both be full!
Over-All Satisfaction: This is a really great option for those who are in the mood for something different. I really enjoyed everything I ate and was very pleased with the portion sizes as well as flavor!

Game Score:Another close one! We beat the Padres 2-1 just by the skin of our teeth!

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