Wednesday, September 21, 2011

AT&T Ball Park Series #6: Long Taters (Club Level Only!)

I waited alllllll season saving up my club level passes for a "special occasion". I decided taking my mom to a game was the perfect opportunity. We had our tickets and passes ready to go, as we walked up to the gate we were buzzing with anticipation for the hidden culinary treasures we were about to enjoy. Not so lucky. I was woefully unaware of the small print that excluded Dodger's games... of which we were attending. Turned away we indulged instead in crazy crab sandwiches and Strawberry fry bread (to come in the finale post DESSERTS!)
My opportunities were dwindling with the end of the season near. Thankfully the next game I had up was with my eating partner in crime, Ms. Tori herself. On the drive up I perused the options limited to only to club level. A few things initially stood out but as we walked around the level we found something special that was sure to hit the spot- BAKED POTATO BAR!!! Ok I know it may not be that exciting to some of you but to me this sounded just right. There were lots of great options and no limits. I decided to go with shredded orange cheese, bacon, grilled corn, sour cream and green onions. As you can see in the picture to the right they load it up. I initially had to move quite a bit of the sour cream off to the side but the beauty of excess toppings was that after enjoying everything mixed into the middle I was able to create some "potato skins" as an additional treat!
Tori went another direction adding chili (which she described as flavorful without too much spice, having meat, beans and green chilies) bacon and orange cheese. Hers was a little too messy and filling for the potato skin second meal but it was thoroughly enjoyable none the less!

I genuinely hope to get a chance to enjoy one of "Long Taters" baked potatoes again next season!

Locations: Club Level only
Average Wait: This was a bit deceiving the Long Taters booth is in fact connected to the Carvery on the club level (no wonder I liked it!). They share a register however there are two separate lines. The long taters line was not long at all although it does take some time for each person to order. The carvery line was huge though so make sure you don't get in that and wait needlessly.
Price: $8.75 no limit on toppings!
Value: This was a great value, very filling for the cost
Over All Satisfaction: In case you couldn't tell I loved it! The ability to customize your own combination makes it very satisfying. The only downfall I could find was that I would like the potato to be a bit hotter on the inside.

Game Score: Giants beat the Padres 6-4 in extra innings!

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