Wednesday, August 10, 2011

AT&T Ball Park Series #3: King Street Carvery

I first fell in love with the King Street Carvery concessions (seems like such a cheap word for the fare available at this stand) last season on one of my first games in the 315 vicinity of View Reserve. I had come to a day game and I wanted to branch out from my usual Italian sausage. While surveying my options this stand stood out from the Doggie Diner and heat lamp ruined pizza's as an option for a real meal. I ordered the Carved Turkey sandwich with optional Cranberry sauce (nice and thick) and the side of potato salad. While I did at first balk at the cost (Combined with a beer my total was over $20) I so enjoyed the sandwich that combined with it's close proximity to my season tickets it has become my new standard! (with the exception of the potato salad- it was very tasty but not really necessary the sandwich is filling enough) I now have to introduce all my friends who join me at games to this spot because it really is a can't miss. With the Review as an inspiration I have begun branching out to other  items on the menu and so today I present you with three options. Fore warning- they were not all fantastic, however there are plenty of things that you will really enjoy available!

Locations: View Reserve 317, Lexus Clubhouse, Promenade Level section 126
Average Wait: My main experience is with the View Reserve Location, there are 2 lines (which many people don't realize) Head to the line on the right side of the stand as that one is usually shorter. Line moves quickly although it may take a moment for your order as it is being prepared on the spot not pre-packaged which is totally worth it for the warm fresh flavors

The Carved Turkey Sandwich The picture depicts the sandwich after I have already dressed it to my taste spreading the heaping spoonful of cranberry sauce around with some mayo and deli mustard (condiments conveniently located right next to the stand)
Price: $9.25
Value: I definitely think this sandwich is worth, heaping with thick slices of turkey carved on the spot for your order. It is also served with a pickle spear!
Overall Flavor & Satisfaction: I am never disappointed. The carved turkey is nice and moist, great flavor. The cranberry sauce has excellent consistency and the roll it is served on tastes fresh and holds up well (most times). If you are not a turkey fan I have heard nothing but great things about the Carved Brisket sandwich which is served with horseradish and a pickle as well! Also carved fresh to order

Pulled Pork Sandwich with Creamy Slaw
I am a huge lover of pulled pork and had been eyeing this item warily on the menu for awhile now. I recently enjoyed a game with my dad and decided it was time to give it a try!
Price: $10.00
Value: I'm going to rate this in terms of the cost of this same sandwich at a sit down restaurant and say that the quantity matches the cost
Over All Flavor & Satisfaction: YUM!!!! I was over the top pleased with the sandwich. First of all size wise it is great totally filling. The meat is tender and juicy and the sauce is the perfect balance of sweet with just enough spiciness. The creamy slaw balances everything really well and it is served on the same great rolls as the Turkey & Brisket sandwiches. Fair warning though - this is a fork sandwich! You can maybe if you are lucky make it through 1/3 of the sandwich before the roll begins to fail you, with all that delicious sauce it's gonna get soggy. I recommend tearing pieces of the bun off and loading them with the pork and slaw and eating it in sections and the remaining straight with a fork. And get lots of napkins!
Side Note: This is an original item from Willie McCovey's Restaurant, the aptly named- McCovey's, in Walnut Creek, CA. Read more about the restaurant on their website here.

Boudin's Chili in a Bread Bowl
As a bay area native I grew up with delicious Boudin's sourdough bread always available. Usually i would be a clam chowder in a bread bowl girl however on this particularly chilly (hehehe) night- only chili would suffice! Both options are available however.
Price: $8.25
Value: If you can eat the bread- great, if not the amount of chili or chowder available does not really justify the cost
Overall Flavor & Satisfaction: Here comes the disappointment. I was actually pretty excited to try this one out. I like chili, I love bread bowls but right off the bat I was underwhelmed. My bread had obviously been cut too far in advance and was beginning to taste dry and stale. While the cheese melted in nicely the chili lacked depth and character. I like a dynamic chili with a variety of textures (and lots of beans!). This chili had no beans to speak of and basically was just seasoned ground beef. Within not much time it began to get that greasy unappealing sheen on it. I can't say I would recommend it. At a separate game a friend ordered the clam chowder and was disappointed by how unsatisfied it left her as she did not really enjoy the bread and there was an inadequate quantity of chowder in the large seeming bowl. Your dollars are definitely better spent on other items at this stand.

Game Scores: It's been some hard fought battles this year and I'm sad to report that each game I enjoyed these items at was a lose. Phillie, the D-backs, & the Brewers :( Thankfully we had a great shut out win last night! LET'S GO GIANTS!!

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