Monday, August 1, 2011

AT&T Ball Park Series #2- the Cha Cha Bowl

Promamade Location
For a few seasons now I have heard rave reviews about the infamous Cha-Cha bowl. Served at Orlando's BBQ named for Orlando Cepeda the Giants 1958 rookie of the year and hall of famer. Orlando's roots are in Puerto Rico and the food at his stand has a distinctly Caribbean flair. The menu is limited almost exclusively to the Cha-Cha Bowl and nacho's with fresh pico di gillo and caribbean seasoned pork or chicken.

I chose a Padres game with my dear friend who is a San Diego native to enjoy this particular delight. It has become our tradition each year to attend at least one game together, one per series if we can. We took the train up which gave us plenty of time to head to the promenade to pick up our dinners. Had I taken more time to notice at the previous games I could have double checked the Orlando's stand on my View Reserve Level to see if they had the bowl as well as the nachos' (which I had sampled at a previous game and was sadly disappointed in...) but alas I had not and didn't want to risk getting all the way up there only to have to trek all the way back down. Although popular there was not much of a line when I arrived at the Orlando's stand to my delight and so I marched right up and placed my order. They had a stack of about 5 pre made bowls ready to go but you could see the fresh ingredients being readily spooned into new bowls at regular intervals. I was not concerned that they had been sitting there long.
While waiting for Jayme to get some Clam Chowder in a Bread bowl I sat down at one of the small tables provided in that area to investigate my purchase. Upon opening the lid I was greeted by a nice aroma from the adobo seasoning on the chicken. The Cha-Cha Bowl has 4 layers- first rice, then black beans, then the pieces of chicken and it is topped last with pineapple and zucchini salsa. If you are looking for a healthy satisfying meal at the ball park- this is your go to. Everything was warm and flavorful, fresh and filling. The chicken was tender and moist with a nice little kick to it while the "salsa" (almost more of a slaw it seemed) added such a nice freshness you really feel like you are eating a well rounded plate.

Location: Promenade Level, View Level near Section 315
Price: $9.75
Value: This feels like a full meal with the multiple food groups represented so I definitely say it is worth the price
Average Wait: Head there earlier than later (pre-game), in the early innings you will definitely hit a line, but since they prep some bowls in advance it should move pretty efficiently
Over All Flavor & Satisfaction: I have to give it another 10 out of 10. The Zucchini Pineapple salsa really put it over the top for me. Plus with all the protein from the chicken and black beans you will stay nice and full the whole game!
Game Score: Lost to San Diego 3-5 but it was a hard fought battle!

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