Monday, June 6, 2011

New Series! AT&T Ball Park Bests- Introduction

I am so excited because this is my first year ever as a SF Giants Baseball season ticket holder! I've already made it to 9 games and it has been great. You may be like me and many others in that you have your standard ball park meal. You always have your hot dog in the first few innings, then maybe a chocolate malt or something else sweet in the seventh inning stretch. We all have our favorites and those classic foods that never cease to make us feel like kids again watching the game. AT&T is one of the most beautiful ball parks in the whole country and one thing that really sets them apart is the food! These booths often go far beyond concessions and go right to culinary. Over the rest of the season it is my goal to try each of the unique offerings at the park let you know where you can get the best bang for your buck and what is not to be missed! Each game I go to I'll report back with that nights selection, including pictures and factors like price point, cash only or credit accepted, accessibility factors like length of lines on average and how many locations there are in the park, and of course, How it Tastes! At the end of the season I'll wrap up with a best and worsts list and an over all comparison. I hope you will all look forward to this series as much as I am and will find a new ball park favorite for yourselves!

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