Monday, June 13, 2011

AT&T Ball Park Series #1- Crazy Crab Sandwich

It was a beautiful evening at the ball park last night. Summer is finally coming around and with a nice 5 pm start time I was looking for a really satisfying dinner at the park. I wanted to start this series off with a unique item that really typified San Francisco. The Crazy Crab'z sandwich was an excellent choice. Located on the
Promenade level behind the bleachers at Center Field the Crazy Crab'z booth is a part of a unique food court of sorts featuring many "one of" options in the park. I was glad we had arrived early so I could make the trek from my seats in view reserve down to the booth. I had heard rumors from other fans that this sandwich could not be beat. As a specialty item I think that it is definitely not an every game meal but a special occasion treat. It's singular location and high end price (The Crazy Crab is $15.50, There is a dungeness crab sandwich for $11.50, I am unsure at this time what the primary difference is that lowers the cost) will probably keep me from indulging frequently but that is ok because it will give me something to look forward to. As I approached the front of a quick moving, not excessively long line I was pleased to see the the delicious aroma I was smelled was the thick cut sourdough bread spread with garlic butter grilling on a larger griddle. Piled high with crab meat lightly dressed in mayo and served with sliced fresh tomatoes I couldn't wait to get my sandwich back to my seat. Unfortunately the national anthem began as I walked away from the booth so I stopped out of respect carefully wrapping the sandwich in the paper lining while Nancy who had accompanied me to the game tried to protect it in her jacket ( I'm sure we made quite the picture, but I wanted to know I was trying it at it's optimal serving temperature). I hustled up to my seat (no small feat, if given the time next time I'll enjoy my sandwich at one of the standing room cocktail tables scattered throughout this concession area) and prepared to dig in. The bread had a nice golden toast on it and tasted amazing. I was wary after the first bite that it might be imitation crab but on closer inspection there was no unnatural pink parts and were in fact a few nice chunks of claw meat. The cool fresh tomato was just the right balance with the rich crab meat and mayo and lightened it up with it's natural acidity. They provide lemon wedges on the side and I did a light squeeze over the crab meat on my second half. It did add a nice component but wasn't really necessary, probably more of a personal preference addition. All in all the sandwich was a great experience & I would highly recommend it to someone wanting to make their ball park experience a unique one, especially out-of-towners who want to soak in as much SF as they can.

Location: Center Field, Promenade Level (1)
Price: $15.50
Value: Lots of crab meat and great Bread. If this were served in a restaurant at the same price it would probably come with french fries or another side dish to add to the value, however for a specialty item at the ball park I think it was alright, a little too pricey to get every game.
Average wait: 5-8 people but moves quickly since it is a specialty item and minimal customization options
Over all flavor and Satisfaction: 10 -10, was tasty and plesantly filling without the risidule junk food feeling that many ball park options have.
Game Score: Giants Win! 4-2 over the Reds

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