Monday, May 23, 2011

Shake Shack NYC

I love a good Romantic Comedy. I can't help it! For me however it definitely has to be a 50- 50 effort comedy and romantic undertones. When "Something Borrowed" came into theaters I was initially wary but with a cast of actors I always enjoy ( mmm... John Krasinski) I couldn't help wanting to see it. Like almost all Romantic Comedies about hip 20- something professionals the movie takes place in New York, because obviously this is the epicenter of 20- something professionals looking for love and maybe a little adventure along the way. With an upcoming trip to New York on the books I decided this would be a great opportunity to spy out some sight seeing spots. Well we hit the jack pot when two of the main characters frequented Shake Shack a hip burger joint in the middle of Madison Square Park.

Set in the middle of the small but picturesque park on the lower east side Shake Shack has just the right combination of classic appeal with a touch modernity. The building houses the kitchen with counter order and pick up. From the edge of the roof strands of over sized fairy lights drape to the trees over little green bistro tables. It is the perfect atmosphere in this respite from the city. When we approached every table was full and a long line had formed from the ordering window. Although we were starving from our early flight it was great to have some time to think over what we wanted to order. With a simple menu featuring burgers, hot dogs, and french fries it might not seem like anything special but wait until you taste it! While doing our research a yelper had suggested ordering the cheese fries. After looking everything over I settled on the Shack Burger & a Purple Cow (a grape soda float) Tori went with a cheeseburger & a Black and White shake and we shared an order of the cheese fries.

One of the first things I noticed was the quality of the bun. Rather than the typical sponge bread buns that you find on many burgers Shake Shack serves a high quality potato bun and it is amazing the noticeable difference. The slightly chewy texture felt like it had a firm hold on all the ingredients inside and added it's own unique flavor to the whole combination. The patty is moderate sized, for those of us West Coasters accustomed to In-N-Out patties the larger patty was a plesant up grade, however it is not so large that you can't easily munch it down. The quality of ingredients is evident in every bite. As we both taste tested the cheese fries we were equally saddened and relieved that we only ordered 1 serving, like all good things I can only IMAGINE the calorie count on those suckers! The cheese was creamy and delicious, and even though it had a pale appearance of nacho cheese the flavor and texture was far superior. Just when I think I can't talk about the food any more- we get to the frozen custard. I am a connoissuer of floats but I have never EVER enjoyed the ice cream portion the way I did in the Purple cow. The frozen custard had a unique way of staying firm yet creamy through out, adding the creaminess to the soda but still being able to spoon out full bites. The velvety texture was fantastic and it made me wish that I had indulged in one of their signature "Concretes", frozen custard spun at high speed with assorted mix-ins to create unique treats. I guess it will have to be something to look forward to next time!

What are some of your favorite comfort foods that you like to enjoy with a good RomCom?

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